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This is my world, please don't stalk me
Dear Business,
RE: My world on ONE APP - friends, business
You and I have never met. And yet, you seem to know all about me. 

Part of my daily ritual, is to connect via my mobile, to Social Media platforms, read news on various businesses, catch up with the daily news, and perhaps to download the latest app which has been advertised. 

As soon as I download the app, I am asked to give permission to you – the business – on my pictures, my email address, my phone number, as well as my contacts and circle of friends. WHY?  

Now, I downloaded your app so that we could stay in touch, but I have noted that it is eating into my smartphone memory. As updates are received, even when I do not use the app week on week, my free space is getting smaller and smaller, so I have no choice but to delete your app, and we lose touch. Or do we? 

My privacy, on a daily basis, is being invaded. I have learnt that my private messages are read, without my knowledge. Companies are stalking me, as information about me, is sent to third parties, whom I have never met. You seem to know a lot more about me, than I know of you. You are after all, stalking me on every corner. 

Why do you want me to download your app? To make you money. By giving you my personal data, which is valuable, you can try and sell me more products and services. 

Rather offer me a personalised service so I can take back control of my life. 

As a savvy consumer, I don’t want 10 or 20 different apps on my phone – just one unique space. You will always be there, just when I choose to talk to you, because after all, I AM the CUSTOMER.

Dear Consumer,
RE: Your world on ONE APP- our promise to you
It is with a heavy heart that I read how you feel and being stalked without our knowledge. Please accept my deepest apology and allow me to explain.

Large sums are paid to advertising networks and digital media channels to reach you and we have been told that you receive our messages when the algorithms predict you want them. Granted, this is based on history and not what your desire is at a specific moment.

So, we are changing this and promise to listen to you and serve you in a way you deserve. We will;
  • Use only one app as a communication channel with a load of options, all in one place
  • To use Uneeqo, we do not require your contacts or circle of friends
  • Communicate with you when you choose
  • Respect your privacy - your personal data remains yours
  • Keep your information private and make sure you hear only from the people you want, when you decide
  • Treat you as a Customer and not a Product
  • Honor you wishes to connect with us when you want to and win your loyalty back 
  • Gain your trust so YOU can share our offers with your friends - this is very important to us
With your consent we would like to;
  • Brand our messages on your mobile so it is clear who you connect with
  • Actively engage with you with our best offers at all times
We look forward meeting you here in Uneeqo and hope to really get to know you.

Invitational Marketing 
The New Marketing Revolution

  • Users invite business
  • Simply switch on or off
  • Users control contact
  • No unwanted messages
  • Total privacy
  • IM, Video, Files, VOIP with friends and connections
  • Groups
  • Surf the web - within Uneeqo, never leave and stay protected
  • Businesses brand on mobile
  • Businesses present offer
  • 2-way communication
  • Users can refer offer to friends
  • Follow links in Uneeqo privacy
  • No IP or visit tracking
  • Visit websites in Uneeqo
  • Video stream in messaging
  • Leave no digital footprint
  • Accept offers
  • Purchase direct on business websites
  • Checkout on any website securely

Your Brand in the Center of the Conversation 


Use push notifications and in-app content to keep your connected user up to date on the latest news, announcements, and events in real-time.

Integrate your website within the Uneeqo message stream with rich calls-to-action using deep linking: click-to-call, click-to-tweet, click-to-buy and more.

Get to know your customer and tailor your communications to their preference and choice of service or products.

Create and run automated marketing campaigns when your consumer is most likely to purchase, based on their past history with you.


"This is a new and convenient way to engage with businesses and with your friends. Simple and easy! Everything in my digital world is now in one place, leaving ME in control". 
- Consumer 



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