About us

Uneeqo, Inc. is an early stage technology company, developing a revolutionary “Invitational Marketing" and communication app, that changes the communication between consumers and businesses, placing the consumer central in the conversation, controlling the what, who and when. It is revolutionary in that we put the power in the hands of consumers; no more digital stalking or uncontrolled marketing messages.

The Uneeqo integrated engagement platform gives business marketing managers access to actively interested individuals, combining “user choice in the moment” with relevant marketing messages. The single mobile app connects multi-businesses, displaying their individual brands on the users’ mobile during the conversation. No requirement for multiple business apps on the users mobile. Combined with Uneeqo’s propriety “Floating Virtual Communication” technology, across web and mobile browsers makes it fast, easy, and simple to communicate with the world without the need to leave the Uneeqo app.

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